Prof. Dr. Andreas C. Lehmann

Vice President | Systematic Musicology | Studies, Teaching and International Affairs (VPL)
Andreas Lehmann
Fax: +49 931 32187 - 3800
Building: Hofstallstraße | Room: H 033 / B 118
Office hours: by arrangement

Andreas C. Lehmann graduated from the Hanover University of Music and Drama in 1983-1987 with a degree in School Music and a second major in English Studies from the Hanover University of Technology. In 1989, he earned a certificate in Computers in Music Instruction from Florida State University (FSU). He received his doctorate in musicology with minors in music education and psychology in 1992 from Klaus-Ernst Behne at the Hanover University of Music and Drama as part of a postgraduate program. From 1993-1998 he was a post-doctoral fellow at the Psychology Department of Florida State University in Tallahassee with the cognitive psychologist K. Anders Ericsson. During this time, Andreas Lehmann was also an adjunct lecturer in music psychology at the School of Music of the same university and a permanent guest of the Center for Music Research located there. From 1998-1999, he was employed at the Institute of Musicology at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg as a research assistant to Prof. Dr. Heiner Gembris.

Andreas Lehmann has been Professor of Systematic Musicology and Music Psychology at the University of Music in Würzburg since 2000. In teaching and research, he represents musicological topics that are traditionally assigned to systematic musicology in German-speaking countries. In addition, he is also active in the field of music education. His research questions are empirical and social-scientific or psychological (historical aspects nevertheless play a role). His research results can be profitably applied to musical learning, music reception or production (keywords here are, for example, cognition, emotion, expertise, practicing, talent, socialization, empirical music pedagogy, various aspects on the topic of music and society). He publishes in international journals, was on the board of the German Society for Music Psychology e. V. for a long time, and has been an assessor in the presidium of the Landesmusikrat NRW since 2016. Since fall 2017, he has been vice president of the HfM Würzburg.