Recording studio

In the recording studio, students have the opportunity to make recordings under professional conditions. The high-quality studio has connections to various concert halls and other rooms and thus offers the possibility to choose suitable acoustics for the style of music to be recorded. Graduate sound engineer Jürgen Rummel is responsible for the technical conception, the musical recording direction and the realization of productions up to the finished audio or video file.

The free recordings serve to professionalize the students, provide insights into the process of a music production and can be used for study and application purposes. Commercial use is excluded, but publication by students is possible after signing a contract with the HfM, provided there are no legal objections. Recordings take place mainly on Mondays and Fridays in the Large or Small Hall(Hofstallstraße building), with one session lasting approximately 60-90 minutes; the final product is then available after a few days. There is no entitlement to recording time.

Graduation Master Liedgestaltung: 2 - 3 recording sessions are available for the examination CD, which lasts a maximum of 45 minutes. The editing plan is created by the graduates, and the editing takes place in the recording studio.

The recording studio is located in the Hofstallstraße building.

Other facilities

  • Sound direction in the theater (Bibrastraße building): Supervision of opera productions, musicals, recordings for internal university documentation.
  • Lecture hall 'B U08' (Bibrastraße building): Network audio recorder for recording of class evenings. Recording possibility for students on their own.
  • Chamber Music Hall (Residenzplatz building): Network audio recorder for recording of class evenings.


Recording studio


Jürgen Rummel

Sound engineer | Head of recording studio
Building: Hofstallstraße | Room: H Tonstudio