University Council (Hochschulrat)

The University Council consists of the elected members of the Senate and nine personalities from science, culture, business and professional practice. It is one of the central organs of the university and has a term of office of four years. Among other things, the University Council adopts the basic regulations and their amendments by statute, elects the president and the other members of the university management except the chancellor.

The members of the governing board and the women's representative participate in the meetings without voting rights; the Ministry of State is invited to the meetings.

External members


Oswald Beaujean

Head of the University Council | Head of Programme BR-Klassik

External members

Luisa Heese

Member of the University Council | Kunsthalle Mannheim

Dr. Helmut Kaltenhauser

Member of the University Council | Chair Bayerischer Musikrat

Prof. Dr. Bernd Redmann

Member of the University Council | President HfM Lübeck

Thomas Rietschel

Member of the University Council | Cultural Consultant | former President HfMdK Frankfurt/main

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Saueressig

Member of the University Council | Vice President THWS

Prof. Dr. Anja Schlömerkemper

Member of the University Council | Vice President JMU Würzburg

Jochen Schönleber

Member of the University Council | Board Member Sparkasse Mainfranken

Markus Trabusch

Member of the University Council | Director Mainfranken Theater Würzburg

Internal members

Representatives of the professors

Prof. Stefan Albers


Prof. Andreas Dohmen

Pfeil rechts

Prof. Andreas Mildner

Vice-Chairman University Council | Harp | Harp section spokesperson

Prof. Bernhard Pichl

Jazz Piano | Jazz History

Prof. Tobias Usbeck

School Practical Piano Playing

Representatives of the artistic staff and lecturers

Markus Sotirianos

Music theory

Representative of the other employees

Andreas Herold

Head of stage equipment

Student Representation

Vinzenz Wolpold

Student council | Representation in Senate and University Council

Kea Niedoba

Student council

Advisory members by virtue of office

Prof. Dr. Christoph Wünsch

President | Vice Chairman of the Academy of Music

Prof. Dr. Andreas C. Lehmann

Vice President | Systematic Musicology | Studies, Teaching and International Affairs (VPL)

Prof. Clara Blessing

Vice President | Historical double reed instruments | Artistic practice, networking and diversity (VPB) | Deputy Chairwoman of the Musical Academy

Prof. Jürgen Ruck

Vice President | Guitar | Specialist group spokesperson Guitar | Artistic practice, quality management and promotion (VPR)

Roland Ulsamer

Chancellor | Managing Director of the Musikalische Akademie (advisory member)

Dr. Susanne Balthasar

Deputy Chancellor | Legal adviser