Departments | Groups

Department I (Vocal Performance/Opera School | Conducting)

Prof. Alexandra Coku

Vocal Performance

Departmen II (Piano)

Prof. Silke-Thora Matthies

piano | vice chairwoman of the Musical Academy

Department III (Strings)

Prof. Nimrod Guez

Viola | deputy speaker of the string instruments section

Department IV (Woodwinds | Brass Instruments)

Prof. Stefan Albers


Department V (Jazz | Percussion)

Prof. Bernhard Pichl

Jazz Piano | Jazz History

Department VI (Organ/Church Music | Historical Instruments | Composition/Music Theory)

Prof. Matthias Tschirch

Music theory

Department VII (Musicology | Music Education)

Prof. Dr. Christoph Henzel

Historical Musicology | Division Speaker Musicology/Musician Medicine
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Department VIII (Chamber music/Song accompaniment/Correpetition | Guitar | Accordion | Harp)

Prof. Jürgen Ruck

Vice President | Guitar | Specialist group spokesperson Guitar