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FAQ for foreign students at the University of Music Würzburg

I am interested in studying at the University of Music Würzburg

IO - ausländ. Stud. - Studieninteresse
Ich interessiere mich für ein Studium an der HfM Würzburg
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  • What do I have to consider in order to study in Germany? (Last updated: 02/21/2023)

    Before you decide to study in Germany, we advise you to inform yourself about Germany, the city of Würzburg and the University of Music Würzburg. There are many good and trustworthy websites where you can find helpful information and tips about studying in Germany.

    Here you can get information about different topics concerning Germany in German and in nine other languages. This link will provide you with information as well as testimonials from international students about studying in Germany. The German Student Union also maintains a page with information on various topics related to studying in Germany.

    Information on admission requirements for your desired studies in Germany is provided by the DAAD. If you are particularly interested in Bavaria as a place to study, or are wondering why Würzburg in particular is an attractive place to study music, you will land directly on our homepage.

  • Can I apply to study at the University of Music Würzburg with the certificates from my home country? (Last updated: 02/21/2023)

    Before submitting your application, we recommend that you find out whether you have a university entrance qualification for a conservatory. This means that you must check whether your school certificate (Abitur, Gymnasium, College or Liceum) is sufficient for studying at the University of Music Würzburg. You can find an overview of the necessary application documents on our Application page. If you have specific questions about your certificates, please contact the staff of the student services. Helpful information about admission requirements for international applicants can be found on the DAAD homepage.

  • Are the studies at the University of Music Würzburg free of charge? (Last updated: 08/24/2023)

    There are no tuition fees at the University of Music Würzburg, students pay the semester fee of € 143.60 twice a year (as of January 2023). This amount consists of the cost of the semester ticket and the student union fee.

  • Do I need a visa to enter Germany? (Last updated: 02/21/2023)

    If you intend to study full time at the University of Music Würzburg and do not come from an EU country or from one of the EEA countries, you usually need a visa to enter Germany, which must be applied for in your home country.

    This does not apply to nationals from the following countries: Australia, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, the USA, Andorra, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Monaco and San Marino. You can apply for the required residence permit (visa for study purposes). Responsible is the foreigners authority of the place where you will live (source: German Foreign Office). In Würzburg the contact person is the Foreigners Authority of the city of Würzburg and in the district of Würzburg the District Office of Würzburg. We recommend that you apply for your residence permit or extend it as soon as possible.

    We strongly recommend that you inform yourself as soon as possible about the regulations that apply to your home country. Please contact the German embassy in your home country.

  • Are there English-language degree programmes at the University of Music Würzburg? (Last updated: 02/21/2023)

    The study program at the University of Music Würzburg is in German. Therefore, you need a certain level of German for enrolment. You can find more information about this on our enrolment page .

    ERASMUS+ - and exchange students who spend a maximum of one academic year at the University of Music Würzburg do not have to prove their German language skills. By arrangement, they can also receive instruction in English in some of the artistic degree programmes. Further information on this can be found on the ERASMUS+ pages.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions about the courses offered at the University of Music Würzburg? (Last updated: 02/21/2023)

    For questions regarding application and aptitude assessment, please contact the student services department. If you would like to find out more about the contents of the examination and/or individual degree programmes, you can contact our degree advisors* and Ms. Gerda Rösch, who can give you general advice on bachelor's and master's programme regulations.

  • Where do I submit application materials? (Last updated: 08/24/2023)

    Please submit your application documents by mail to student services by March 31. Please note that the International Office is not responsible for the application procedures of international students (exception: ERASMUS+).

I have a study place offer for the University of Music Würzburg

IO - ausländ. Stud. - Immatrikulation
Nachdem Sie ein Studienplatzangebot erhalten haben, stellen sich viele Fragen
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  • How do I find accommodation in Würzburg? (Last updated: 03/10/2023)

    The Studentenwerk Würzburg offers student residences. Deadline for applications is 15.01. for the summer semester and 15.06. for the winter semester. Applications are made online and due to the high number of applicants, waiting lists are kept.

    You can also use the private accommodation service on the Studentenwerk homepage, pay attention to the notices in the refectories and follow the private housing market. If you have problems finding an apartment, you are welcome to contact the International Office.

  • What proof of language skills is required and by when do I have to provide it? (Last updated: 02/27/2023)

    For the bachelor's degree programme you need proof of level B2 for all artistic degree programmes and C1 for artistic-pedagogical degree programmes. For the master's programme, you need B1 for the artistic degree programmes (with the exception of Master Korrepetition vokal, B2) and C1 for the artistic-pedagogical degree programmes, and B1 is required for the Meisterklasse. As a rule, students are granted one more semester after their enrolment in which they can demonstrably catch up on their knowledge.

  • Do I need a visa or a residence permit? (Last updated: 03/10/2023)

    As soon as you have a place of residence (even if it is only temporary), first register with your rental contract and your identity card at the Residents' Registration Office in the town hall, then immediately at the Aliens' Registration Office in the town hall (appointments can be made online). Again, you will need your identity card, proof of health insurance, admission to the study place or matriculation certificate. You will then receive a residence permit for "study purposes".

    Please note urgently: Take care of it as early as possible. Even if you theoretically have a right of residence for 90 days, remember that you have to allow a lot of time for the formalities (waiting periods, etc.).

  • Is my health insurance from my home country valid here? (Last updated: 03/10/2023)

    Students from EU countries do not need an extra health insurance, but they present their European Health Insurance Card(EHIC) to a health insurance company of their choice here. With the certificate they then receive, they can enroll. Students who come from a non-EU country must take out student health insurance in Germany. The cost is approximately €115 per month. To take out the insurance, they need the letter of admission from the University of Music Würzburg, their identity card and their certificate of enrollment (it is possible to submit this later).

  • When will I receive my student ID card? (Last updated: 02/21/2023)

    After you have enrolled and signed the IT conditions, you will receive your student e-mail address and your student ID card. A passport photo of you is required for the student ID card.

I study at the University of Music Würzburg

IO - ausländ. Stud. - Studium
Hilfreiche Tipps für die Studienzeit an der HfM Würzburg
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  • How is access to the practice rooms regulated? (Last updated: 02/21/2023)

    Once you have your student email address, you will be contacted by our student council to let you know about practice room access and reservations.

  • How do I get more practical information for my studies? (Last updated: 03/01/2023)

    On the annual Welcome Day in October, we give you an overview of the university, the city of Würzburg and the surrounding area, the organization of your studies, and offers from the university and the International Office.

  • Can I apply for a scholarship? (Last updated: 02/27/2023)

    There are various possibilities to apply for a scholarship during your studies. Please inform yourself in advance and contact the International Office if you have further questions.

  • What can I do if professional or personal problems arise ? (Last updated: 12/06/2023)

    In case of professional or personal problems, please contact one of the contact persons listed on our consulting page.

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