Aptitude test | Aptitude procedure | Aptitude test

The following are required as proof of aptitude

  • for the bachelor's degree programmes and the teacher training programmes, aptitude tests,
  • for the Master's programmes and the master classes aptitude tests and
  • for the PreCollege an aptitude test.

Information on the aptitude tests, procedures and tests is contained in the:

The application deadline for studies at the University of Music Würzburg is always March 31 (date of receipt by the university)!

All further information on dates and deadlines can be found on a separate page.

Statutes for reading

The legal framework for the aptitude test or aptitude procedure can be found in the Statutes on the aptitude test and aptitude procedure of the Würzburg University of Music (SEPEV)

The contents for the certificate program can be found in the statutes for the certificate program,

the contents for the PreCollege in the Statutes for the PreCollege.